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I Just Can’t Have Nice Things

January 20th, 2009 No comments

Just before Christmas, I dropped my phone while shoveling in the driveway and cracked the screen.  Both my wife and I were eligible to get new phones, but we were holding off, because we (err, I ) didn’t want to pay for the phone we wanted, something similar to the EnV we currently had.  So I told my wife she should get a new phone, and I’d take her old one.  It still worked ok, and had an almost brand new battery.  So I would still have I phone I liked, and she’d have a new one.  Everybody wins.

When she went to order her phone, lo and behold, they had a special: buy one, get one free.  We both get new phones.  Win!  And they arrived in about three days.

I decided, that, this time, I would take care of my phone.  I wouldn’t let it get scratched up, or carry it around in my pocket with my keys, where it fell out while shoveling.  I would actually buy a case for it.

And then I saw how much cases cost.  One to fit my phone with a belt clip was $15.  Fifteen dollars!  I won’t pay that much for a pair of pants.  I rarely eat dinners that cost that much.  I was ready to just leave and take my chances, but in the end, breathed deeply, and bought it.

This weekend, I noticed something on the back of my phone and tried to wipe it off.  Except it wasn’t something on the phone, it was a small crater worn into the phone.  The belt clip of the case intended to protect my phone has rubbed a noticeable spot into the battery of my phone in less than three weeks.

So, in my quest to be responsible, my plan of action caused the result I was trying to avoid.  At least it is now unique to me and I can tell it apart  from my wife’s.

So if you are in need of some stylish personalization of your cellphone, just pick up a fifteen dollar(!) one at your favorite neighborhood mega-super-monopoly store today!