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Binge Buying

January 13th, 2009 No comments

The Simple Dollar had a recent post about frugality and binge buying.  I’ve realized I’m very guilty of this, even now.  Last week Woot! had a dvd recorder really cheap, and I thought “ours is having problems, this is a good deal, and we deserve it because we are saving money.”  WRONG! Now we are just that much more behind in retiring our debt.  This same mentality is what helped hold us into debt before:  “we make good money, so buying this item (which we don’t likely need, nor will likely use more than once) won’t be a burden.”

I need to get some blinders on (and maybe quit checking Woot! every morning) if we’re going to make this work.

The Simple Dollar » Frugality and Binge Buying.