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Your Thrift Habits and How Do You Track Your Goals

January 25th, 2009 No comments

debt200901025Get Rich Slowly Has a post containing an old Coronet Instructional Films movie about your thrift habits and saving money.  It’s an excellent video.  I know most people watch these movies now for a good laugh, but I always enjoy them, irony free.  Ignore the cheesiness and pay attention to the content of them, and you will learn.

The part I most enjoyed were the graphs the boys made to track their progress compared to their plan.  I find that the act of writing something down by hand really helps to cement it into my mind, even if I never go back and look at it again.  My hand drawn graph isn’t nearly as nice as those in the film, but I don’t have an art department, either.

The rest of the tips in the film are great, too, about delaying gratification, buying quality, and perseverance.  I strongly suggest you go watch it, and read the post: Your Thrift Habits: Money Tips from 1948 ∞ Get Rich Slowly.