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Did I mention We Are Debt Free?

December 10th, 2010 No comments

Dave RamseyWe are, and have been since the end of September.  I’ve been slacking posting here.  And it is not completely debt free.  We still have a mortgage, and I’m waiting on about $700 worth of medical bills to arrive, but we have no other financed debt. I have to thank Dave Ramsey for this.  Even though we haven’t stuck to the plan as well as we should have, without his course we never would have known where to start.

So what have we been doing since we hit that point?  Spend, spend spend! I’m ashamed to say that we haven’t put much of the money we were putting towards debt towards saving.  I wouldn’t say we blew most of it, just didn’t sock it away.  I did manage to take my wife away for a weekend to a nice hotel, an intimate concert, dinner and shopping, and we did use some of it to open an ING checking account, which just gave us $50 for doing so.

But with the start of the new year will come the new austerity plan.  More to savings.  Save save save!  And I’ll change the debt odometer on the right to a save odometer. Right now the magic number is going to be $16,000.