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December 10th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Brass BallsAs much as I don’t want to have a smaller paycheck come January 1, I applaud the Democrats for giving the Republicans a taste of their own NO policy. You don’t say that you won’t approve extending unemployment benefits without having a way to pay for it, or give health care assistance to 9/11 survivors without having a way to pay for it, then all of a sudden say that you will, but only as long as people making over $250,000 a year get a tax break and estates worth less than $5 million don’t get taxed. Is there a word more strong than hypocritical? How can you run on a platform of reducing the deficit and reducing spending, and then make a deal that guarantees the deficit will grow and hurt Social Security? And kudos for telling the President the same thing.

I think the President would be better served if we had some sort of vision as to what his plan is.  His decisions so far seem to mostly be stop gap, fix the problem now.  If he could say “We propose doing this because, even though it is a step back today, it will put us here in 5 years,” people be more supportive today.

Do I want an extra $50 a paycheck this year?  That would be really nice.  Do I want my taxes to not go up next year?  That would be really nice.  Do I not want 2 million jobless, broke people with nothing left to lose surrounding me?  I would really, really like that!  But I would like it better if all these charades could end first.

The tax breaks were put in place to do two things: return the budget surplus to the people, and stimulate the economy.  The surplus has been returned many-fold.  There is no surplus. We have an extreme lack of surplus, an anti-surplus.  And as far as stimulating the economy, that policy doesn’t seem to have been very successful so far, now has it?

So there’s my rant.

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