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It’s Like a Tax Refund, But In Reverse…

Last year I resolved to quit letting the IRS hold onto my money and give it back at the end of the year, and instead to have access to that money right away.  So I adjusted my withholding so we should have gotten about $200 back after filing our return.  You can probably see where this is going.  Last weekend I sat down and started on our taxes using TurboTax Online, which works really well.  Our taxes are not to complicated, but needs more than a 1040A.  So, cutting to the chase, we owe $510.  I’m confident I can come up with that amount before April 15th without dipping into our current savings, but any sort of set back is a little disheartening.

Oh, and I adjusted my withholdings again this year.  We’ll see how good my figurin’ and cipherin’ is once again.

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